About Us

LRA Group being into existence since 1970; i.e. from over 5 decades the foundation laid by Mr Lalit Agarwal third generation entrepreneur in their family business were into the business of Textiles, Electricals, Government Contracting, Defence Supply & Tendering, Tea Garden, Real Estate Construction & Development & various others.

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LRA Group being into existence since 1970; i.e. from over 5 decades the foundation laid by Mr Lalit Agarwal third generation entrepreneur in their family business were into the business of Textiles, Electricals, Government Contracting, Defence Supply & Tendering, Tea Garden, Real Estate Construction & Development & various others.

Later, the group also entered into the business of Consumer Durables & Electronics with chain of retail stores; i.e. B2C & also with institutional sales; i.e. B2B.

                                                                                                          LRA UNIFIED GROUP

After several twists & turns and surmounting failures by Mr Abhishek Agarwal fourth generation entrepreneur with more fire in the belly he founded "LRA Unified Group" during the year 2020. Today, 'LRA Group' is 'LRA Unified Group'.

With an vision to make it an Multinational Conglomerate the Managing Director & CEO Mr Abhishek Agarwal by taking inspiration from his family business of Defence Supply & under the initiative of Make in India & Atmanirbhar Bharat have setup various manufacturing facilities to produce clothing,ordnance & specialised goods required by the Defence & Para Military forces for all seasons, during war, border & in general.

We are an government authorised & registered vendor for over 50 years with the Indian Armed Forces & the Central Armed Police Forces to supply them all goods under the General Order Supplier category which makes us an one stop solution provider to our jawans needs & to the Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Home Affairs. Our major heads of supply from more than 50 years have been all types of clothing goods, ordnance goods, motor & spare parts to the Indian Army.

LRA Unified Group's primary business operations remains to be Defence Supply & Contracting. We started up our own brands namely Shamiana & Shatrunash wherein goods are designed, manufactured & marketed to the Indian Armed Forces & Central Armed Police Forces dedicatedly. Both brands core vision is to be an B2G brand.

We have started our own brand of Consumer Goods; Sohni Dharti. We aim to produce & provide varieties of food products which are 100% pure with all its nutritious value kept intact without any dilution. We have "0% tolerance policy for purity".

Right now, we have launched tea under our consumer goods brand. Our tea are authentic, undiluted & 100% pure from the tea gardens of Dooars which is the plains of Darjeeling. We produce & blend the tea which our anchestors have taught us to drink at home; commonly known as Ghar Ki Chai or Dadi Maa Ki Chai. We haven't modernised our Chai and kept the anchestoral spirit alive by offering the simple & common CTC tea drank by every common people of India irrespective of their class. No chemicals, fertilizers, additives etc are added during tea plantation, production, blending and packaging which makes our tea 100% pure, natural & authentic from the very gardens of Dooars, the plains of Darjeeling.

Our other startup is www.projectbabu.com which is an ConTech platform solving problems of the construction industry. We aim to offer an centralised solution for the consumers projects needs by offering them an platform wherein they will find their desired vendors who will act as an solution provider to their projects needs. Project Babu is a MarTech company where we will be marketing our platform leveraging technology giving access to the portfolio of vendors to the consumers and work to the said vendors. Its going to be an win-win-win to all the 3 parties involved in the ecosystem.

LRA Unified Group operates in India & Bhutan with allied business operations. We are continuosly working to create value on where we work and we wish to become an Multinational Conglomerate entering into various sectors. By this wish "LRA Unified Group" was founded.


To be an 'Fast Growing Multinational Conglomerate' & be ‘The Only One or Number One’ in the industry.


To do 'Social Welfare Service' and 'Make The World A Better Place To Live In' & 'Solve Problems Larger Than Life By Our Offerings'.

Core Values

-We believe in transparency in every work which undergoes by us.

-We believe in creating value in every work with majesty.

-We believe in providing 100% solution to the problem of anyone related to the industry.

-We believe to work with full commitment and integrity .

-We believe to take charge and responsibility in what we do.

By the ritual of the anchestors of Lalit Rajgaria Agarwal a.k.a LRA family of Seva & Compassion and by the virtue of the groups Chief Visionary Officer Mr Abhishek Agarwal to stay Unified and carry forward the lineage and have Unified Growth; the group has also setup its Corporate Foundation namely; "LRA Unified Foundation" for social welfare services focusing on especially 3 areas:-


Vision:- Give pure food to every household without any dilution in quality.

Mission:- No family or individual should ever sleep hungry!They get nutritious & quality food everyday!



Vision:- Every Indian is educated holistically.  

Mission:- Every individual alongwith academic education gets developed personally,professionally with core values.



Vision:- No person should ever die because of lack of medical facility & good treatment.

Mission:- Provide good & affordable health treatment,medicines to every needy person who gives up their life because of its lacking & unaffordability.

We are'nt merely for the sake of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) have setup our social trust. We did it out of love & with full heart for 'Social Transformation' and to spread 'Humanitarianism'. Our Consumer Goods brand; i.e. 'Sohni Dharti' is an result of our social welfare services; wherein 'Sohnimeans 'Beautiful' & 'Dharti' means 'Land'. We as an organisation offering Pure & Natural Food Products have stick to our core root; i.e. all the offerings are from the 'Beautiful Agricultural Lands Of India' which will be disseminated across India for Indians to nourish their souls with its natural beauty & also across Foreign Territories; i.e. export to grow India & Indian and its economy and spread the beauty it has to offer all over!

 We on a pledge to 'Fight For Hunger', 'Spread Awareness & Education', 'Good Health For All' have started our Social Enterprise with Food first with a vision to provide Pure & Natural Food to all irrespective of their class. Our mission specifically is everyone gets nutritious & quality food everyday & no one have to stay hungry because of scarcity & its inferior quality.

One who 'Eats Well, Thinks Well'. Hence, we want to ensure everyone eats reasonably nutritious food in its natural form without any dilution in quality. So, in Sohni Dharti we have adapted the "0% tolerance policy for purity" for all our Foods & Beverages offerings and all the ingredients are sourced locally; i.e. directly from the farms of the 'Beautiful Agricultural Lands Of India' who have adopted the method of 100% organic and natural plantation. Same thing goes for production, processing and packaging. We try to keep everything natural, unprocessed, unrefined so that the nutritious value in the food products are kept intact without diluting the nourishment it will provide to the consumers. We avoid adding any sort of chemicals, fertilizers, additives, emulsifiers etc so that the food products remains in its natural fresh form without any artificial blending or mixing. Hence, we proudly proclaim our brand 'Sohni Dharti' to be an absolute 'Pure' & 'Natural' "Food & Beverages" brand.

Rather than doing charity simply by paying sum of amount to any random trust; we made our business our mission to solve problems for better livelihood. We are working for 'ALL' not for an elite class solely as righteously we believe Food, Education, Health are the basic Human Rights of each & every living soul on this planet. Therefore, we have kept our prices right for all our products so that we are able to provide Pure & Natural quality food products which can be afforded by any ordinary person and would follow this principle for all our upcoming products. Our aim is not merely to earn profit but to have Social Welfare across! As a result of which we will utilise the proceedings & earnings out of it for the underpriviledged & needy.

Futuristic plans are to do something in Education & Healthcare sectors so that our Enterprise are able to work directly for the Social Welfare under all 3 areas; i.e. Food, Education, Health and STAY UNIFIED!!


Mr Lalit Agarwal- Chairperson & Chief Mentor

He is an business men with an approach of promptness in every work done. He happens to be an third generation entrepreneur of the family and has experience of retail trade, contracting & supply, distribution, production, investment etc. He believes every customer who hits your business establishment are God and should be treated in that manner no matter how ambiguous they are, they should be satisfied while leaving your door. With an clear approach and principles he had set an milestone in all his work by serving the Government and private sectors both with parity. With more than 40+ years he personally have been an Supplier of goods to various units, battalions and regiments of the Indian Army. He have started multiple businesses in the family and is an instrumental personality when it comes to decision making and growth.

 He guides the whole group with all his experiences from planning till execution and thereafter. He serves as the Chief Mentor to the ventures the group is involved with.

Mr Abhishek Agarwal- Founder, MD & CEO

An serial entrepreneur over an decade with an business mind which is gifted naturally by his father and forefathers, he is the fourth generation entrepreneur of his family! A dynamic natured personality, he is a firm believer of 'Transformation' & 'Humanitarianism'. He founded & is seeding 'LRA Unified Group' with multiple startups & has a vision to be an fast growing MNC. He holds a decade of experience in the field of building retail market, franchise network, contracting & supply, institutional projects, turnkey projects, restaurant, business development strategies across numerous industries.

He is also an Internationally Authenticated Coach and have successfully coached thousands of clients with regards to their business, startup, life, career, self-help, success, relationship etc across the globe. He has his own niche; i.e. 'Holistic Approach of Coaching'. He has knowledge about several domains and is a Polymath and an constant Learner. He also creates and writes contents across various subjects.

He is the Chief Visionary Officer of the group who envisions receptive ideas, executes and directs the overall working mechanism of the ventures. Being the CEO of the group; he has strategical strength with Marketing & Branding and also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for the brands; 'Shamiana', 'Shatrunash', 'Sohni Dharti'.